It is great to live in a globalized world where we can know everything at any time and in any place, but is it that all this facility does not bring us risks to health?

Obesity is currently one of the diseases that kills most adults and children worldwide, this disorder may be the result of a number of psychological, food or even cultural factors that are determinants for the well being of an individual. Currently in Brazil, more than 2 million cases of obesity are registered annually, a fact that is of concern to the Ministry of Health, because with the advancement of technology and the high level of sedentarism of Brazilians, the tendency is for the number to increase more and more. Have you noticed the steady increase in fast food chain units? This is a truth that there is no question, the facility that this type of food provides us is very large, however we must ask ourselves if this food habit really brings us some benefit.

To know more: Massage reduces anxiety and improves the sensory system and can become a great ally in the fight against obesity.

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