Lymphatic drenage

Throughout the formation of mankind and their customs, massages have been part of the life of human beings, whether to bring tranquility, health or well-being to people.

Chinese, Greeks, Romans, Turks, Egyptians, Hindus and Persians have always practiced a kind of massage, each of which has developed its own style of therapy.

In today’s world people seek massages for various purposes, among them one of the most sought after is weight loss.

But after all, what massage practices can help in the weight loss process?

Well, we can mention countless of them, however one of the ones that has gained more notoriety is the lymphatic drainage that helps and optimizes the circulation of microorganisms and harmful substances to our organism.

This mode of manual therapy is done with fine and superficial movements by the professional who applies it and aims to drain unnecessary liquids from our body, thereby hydrating and nourishing the cells of our body and reducing the swelling caused by toxins.

Lymphatic Drainage has been so well accepted by its adherents that even pregnant women have sought treatment because specialists have concluded that the practice combats cellulites and stretch marks, in addition to making it possible to desensitize the breasts of pregnant women.

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