anxiety in the present world

Have you noticed that we live in an immediate society?
We want everything to yesterday, we hate to wait and we want to have control over everything and any situation
This immediacy has been causing our physical and emotional health to become increasingly ill with so-called contemporary diseases.

Young people today are increasingly eager to meet their life goals.

Being a 20-year-old, raising a family until age 25, and financially firming up at age 30, but what they do not know is that life is never the same and each has its own history.
In some cases when things get off the ground, they often get frustrated to the point of going into depression.

But after all, how do you become a more patient and less anxious person?

It is a fact that there is no miracle formula to combat anxiety and depression, however, taking care of nutrition, practicing physical activities and practicing relaxing massages can benefit health and well-being.

Do not worry if there are people who seem to be in front of you, keep in mind that every human being has his own time



It is great to live in a globalized world where we can know everything at any time and in any place, but is it that all this facility does not bring us risks to health?

Obesity is currently one of the diseases that kills most adults and children worldwide, this disorder may be the result of a number of psychological, food or even cultural factors that are determinants for the well being of an individual. Currently in Brazil, more than 2 million cases of obesity are registered annually, a fact that is of concern to the Ministry of Health, because with the advancement of technology and the high level of sedentarism of Brazilians, the tendency is for the number to increase more and more. Have you noticed the steady increase in fast food chain units? This is a truth that there is no question, the facility that this type of food provides us is very large, however we must ask ourselves if this food habit really brings us some benefit.

To know more: Massage reduces anxiety and improves the sensory system and can become a great ally in the fight against obesity.

Tiredness and lack of disposition

Have you been feeling tired or exhausted? Were tasks that used to be routine to become problems? Maybe you’re on the run. It is true that the well-being and health of the human being has been gaining an increasing priority with regard to modern life, but with our increasingly intense routine and with the constant technological advance we are increasingly stressed and tired. When we have a free time all that we want is to relax is not it? Well, a good alternative to change this situation is the quick massage or quick massage as it is known. The massage comes a long time helping those more busy and stressed people who want to relax but can only make a short time available to receive a massage The practice that lasts about 15 minutes can provide numerous benefits for an individual who does not practice physical activity and has a sedentary routine. Among other benefits, quick massage increases blood circulation, a process that provides relaxation and relief of stress. Currently some corporations have adopted massage as routine for their employees, studies indicate that there was an increase of productivity by the participants.

Lymphatic drenage

Throughout the formation of mankind and their customs, massages have been part of the life of human beings, whether to bring tranquility, health or well-being to people.

Chinese, Greeks, Romans, Turks, Egyptians, Hindus and Persians have always practiced a kind of massage, each of which has developed its own style of therapy.

In today’s world people seek massages for various purposes, among them one of the most sought after is weight loss.

But after all, what massage practices can help in the weight loss process?

Well, we can mention countless of them, however one of the ones that has gained more notoriety is the lymphatic drainage that helps and optimizes the circulation of microorganisms and harmful substances to our organism.

This mode of manual therapy is done with fine and superficial movements by the professional who applies it and aims to drain unnecessary liquids from our body, thereby hydrating and nourishing the cells of our body and reducing the swelling caused by toxins.

Lymphatic Drainage has been so well accepted by its adherents that even pregnant women have sought treatment because specialists have concluded that the practice combats cellulites and stretch marks, in addition to making it possible to desensitize the breasts of pregnant women.